SATA III - Pyro Solid State Drives


Powerered by the latest SandForce® SF-2281 processor, the Patriot Memory Pyro line will continue to expand on what's expected out of performance level SSDs. To meet the demanding needs of the power users and prosumer markets, the Patriot Memory Pyro will deliver blazing fast 500MB+ read and write speeds for the best in class performance.

The Patriot Memory Pyro utilizes a fast SATA III 6.0 Gb/s connection interface to reach its maximum performance without bottlenecks while still maintaining backwards compatibility with existing SATA II interfaces. Technologies like TRIM, DuraClass, and DuraWrite are included in the Patriot Memory Pyro Series to bring a full featured SSD to the performance class market.

With a very aggressive pricing strategy, Patriot memory has positioned the Pyro series SSD to offer one of the best price per performance ratios on the market. Backed by Patriot Memory's award winning build quality and 3-year warranty; the Patriot Memory Pyro series will deliver one of the most reliable choices in performance class SSDs.

** Capacities stated are unformatted. The total formatted capacity for the drive will differ, depending on the operating system and file system used. **1GB equals 1 billion bytes.

    - SandForce SF-2281 series SSD processor paired with qualified MLC NAND flash for best performance, value and reliability
    - SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s
    - TRIM support (O/S dependent)
    - DuraClass™ technology
    - DuraWrite™ extends the endurance of SSDs
    - Intelligent Block Management and Wear Leveling
    - Intelligent Read Disturb Management
    - Intelligent "Recycling" for advance free space management (Garbage Collection)
    - RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements)
    - Intelligent Data Retention optimization
    - Best-in-class ECC protection for longest data retention and drive life.
    - Power/Performance Balancing
    - Thermal Threshold Management
    - Native Command Queuing (NCQ) - Up to 32 commands
    - ECC Recovery: Up to 55 bits correctable per 512-byte sector (BCH)
    - Sequential Read & Write Transfer: 240GB & 120GB models; 550MB/s read | 530MB/s Write 60GB model; 550MB/s read | 515MB/s Write.
    - Max Random Write IOPS: Up to 85,000 (4K aligned)
    - O/S Support: Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / Mac® OS / Linux

    - Made in the USA