32GB Supersonic Rage XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive (PEF32GSRUSB)

The Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT is the perfect solution for those looking for both an ultra-portable form factor and the high performance transfer speeds of USB 3.0. Designed with a custom retractable USB housing, the Supersonic Rage XT provides a unique all-in-one slide to connect design for best in class protection from wear and tear.

With read and write speeds of up to 180MB/s (Read) and 50MB/s (Write), the Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT features high quality NAND and IC controller for excellent performance when working with large file transfers.

Available in capacities of 32GB and 64GB, the Supersonic Rage XT offers plug and play compatibility with Windows® 8, Windows® 7,  Windows Vista®, Windows XP®, Windows 2000®, Windows® ME, Linux 2.4 and later, Mac® OS9, X and later. Backed by Patriot Memory’s award winning customer support, the Supersonic Rage XT carries a 5-year warranty.


*Unleash the power of Windows® 8. Patriot’s Supersonic USB 3.0 drives are fully certified plug and play compatible with Window® 8 so users can take full advantage of improved transfer speeds and reliability.

"The Patriot Rage XT truly is a unique drive in that it encompasses a great design..."
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"In terms of performance, the Patriot Signature Boost XT And Rage flash drives are very quick, with over 100MB/s and 180MB/s Read, respectively. That’s a significant difference between the two drives, and the Rage is extremely fast. However, both drives exhibit very similar Write results, around 45-57MB/s Write. Those aren’t the fastest we’ve seen in our flash drive testing, but they’re most certainly good enough for all but the most demanding needs of consumers."
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Clocking in at just around 1.25 USD per GB, the Patriot Supersonic RageXT USB 3.0 manages to surprise. Considering the price and its compact size, one may not expect the fast speeds of high-end drives, but the Rage XT USB 3.0 takes the crown in terms of read performance by beating the competition with an average of over 181 MB/s. ... 

All in all, this is a great little stick with quite a lot of "rage" in it.

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Based on the tested results no doubt it deserves TOH's Best choice! ...we appreciated the performance of the product and consider the price ... a good compromise between performance and quality offered.
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The latest Supersonic Rage XT USB 3.0 Flash Drive really impressed us regarding the read performances, succeeding to surpass all other products on the same bus tested in the past.
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We got a liking for Patriot’s SuperSonic Rage XT during the test period. The memory stick is small, cute and fits in your pocket.


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