FUEL iON Magnetic Charging Pad (PCGDP)

Designed to be slim and stylish, the FUEL iON Charging Pad provides the perfect solution for home or travel. Simply slip the pad into a travel bag, or set its minimalist design on a nightstand to have the power of wireless magnetic charging at your convenience. Lay an iPhone® 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S®4, Samsung Galaxy S®5 or Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 using the FUEL iON case on the pad to magnetically secure and charge the device.

Using the power of magnets, FUEL iON is a revolutionary way to charge your mobile device without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging power cords. Far more efficient than competing wireless inductive charging technologies, FUEL iON is a full power solution that magnetically secures your device and charges as fast as a cord connection.

At the heart of FUEL iON’s charging system is a robust magnetic power transfer pad that uses incredibly strong neodymium magnet technology to automatically secure your phone by simply making contact with the power base. Once the FUEL iON case is securely docked, it not only charges but also provides a seamless 360 rotational axis. The FUEL iON Charging Pad has built in circuit protection against over voltage, over current, leakage and short circuit comes backed by a 2-year warranty.