FUEL iON Kit: iPhone® 5/5s Case with Charging Stand (PCGCI5DS)

Designed specifically for Apple’s flagship smartphone, the FUEL iON case and charge base kit for the iPhone® 5/5s creates a revolutionary way to charge without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging power cords. The case offers edge-to-edge protection and easy access to buttons and ports, while the charge base magnetically connects to the case to wirelessly charge the phone.
At the heart of FUEL iON’s slim, stylish and fully protective case is a robust magnetic power transfer pad that uses incredibly strong neodymium magnet technology to automatically secure your phone by simply making contact with the charge base. Once the FUEL iON case is securely docked to the base, it not only charges but also provides a seamless snap to position rotational axis for viewing your phone in vertical or horizontal orientation.
FUEL iON is far more efficient than competing wireless inductive charging technologies by connecting magnetically to secure your device and charge as fast as a corded connection. This kit has built-in circuit protection against over voltage, over current, leakage and short circuit and comes backed by a 2-year warranty.

All in all, thanks to that small gold circle above, the Patriot FUEL ion is truly a phenomenal case and accessory for your smartphone. The ability to just throw your phone on the charger is almost too easy, and to now be able to do it pretty much anywhere, is fantastic! Previously we awarded Patriot with our Innovation award, but we really feel that this accessory line up takes it to the next level. Thus, we proudly award Patriot with our Gold Seal of Approval!
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I'll name two advantages to using the Fuel ION case right now -- the first being that you're not always looking for your Lightning connector cable. The second is that eliminating the constant in/out of the Lightning connector keeps the bottom of the iPhone looking pristine. Not to mention that it's an easy pull away from the stand when you want the iPhone back (and thanks to the magnet, just as easy to place it against the stand vertically or horizontally).


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All in all, it’s worth checking out, and not just for the unique nature; it is a solid solution.
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Magnetic charging is the main attraction with this case. For the cost of size and headphone jack accessability, you get magnetic charging that works quite well! 
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Overall, it is a nice addition to your life where easy access to power in various locations is important without the need for fiddling with cables and cords. All of this gets even more beneficial when you consider you are also getting a solid slim case to protect your device at the same time. 
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The Fuel iON Magnetic Charging Case is a clever wireless charging solution that provides faster and more efficient way to charge your smartphone wirelessly.
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The bottom line, a good case for those who want freedom from the hassle of plugging and unplugging to charge.
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 If the Patriot Fuel iON is compatible with your phone, and wireless charging appeals to you, then the Fuel iON is the best wireless charging option available.

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Now this case is a typical rubber case and it actually doesn't feel too bulky, granted there's a magnetic charger in there, but it actually still feels pretty nice in the hand. It actually covers the lip as well, so it should protect it from a drop or anything you may have. 


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