FUEL+ Mobile Rechargeable Battery 9000 mAh (PCPB90002)

Take it, Charge it, Fuel Up. The FUEL+ 7800 mAh and 9000 mAh models feature a portable design with two USB charging ports offering the option to simultaneously charge two devices like tablets, smartphones and MP3 players. One charge port also provides 2.5A of power for fastest charging, when compared to the competition. Engineered and built to leading battery standards, FUEL+ rechargeable batteries are engineered, tested, and built using the same high quality components used in major name brand batteries.

To safeguard against under-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuit, FUEL+ comes with built-in protection to ensure efficient and safe charging cycles. The FUEL+ also features power pass through technology that enables the battery to be charged when plugged in to a USB or wall outlet, while charging devices.

Fuel+ includes a Micro USB to USB cable and comes charged and ready right out of the box. Backed by Patriot’s award winning customer support, FUEL+ carries a 2-year limited warranty. Always have peace of mind when you are mobile; stay charged with FUEL+.

There are several models in Patriot’s Fuel+range, but the model shown here has a capacity of 9000mAh, which makes it one of the most powerful battery packs currently available for iOS and other mobile devices
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At the end of this review we can say that the Patriot Fuel from 9000mAh + is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a quality product with optimum performance for the recharge of their mobile devices.

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Giunti alla fine di questa recensione possiamo affermare che la Patriot Fuel+ da 9000mAh è la scelta ideale per chiunque stia cercando un prodotto di qualità e con prestazioni ottimali per la ricaricare dei propri dispositivi mobili. 
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Having spent about two weeks using the Patriot Fuel + 9.000 we can say that it is without doubt a very good product that works exactly as advertised and can charge several times to comfort your smartphone before you need to plug it into the wall outlet.


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What’s really cool here is the dual charging capability of the FUEL+ is pass-through type.  So while you’re charging your FUEL+ battery, you can simultaneously charge two mobile devices. 
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All told, the FUEL+ by Patriot is a great little battery for keeping your device or two powered on while away from home. It’s compact, competitively priced and simply works well. If you’re looking for a large-capacity battery, Patriot’s line of batteries are worth a serious look.
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Fuel+ was awarded the Connect 'geprüfte Qualität' ('approved quality') certificate after successfully completing all tests in their test lab.
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Overall, we are very impressed with the Patriot FUEL+. The unit is well-built and feels like it can a fair amount of abuse. The impressive charging capacity and the availability of two ports makes it a great companion for those who are regularly on the move and in business environments where strict policies may prevent employees hooking up their tablets and phones.
KitGuru says: A great battery that should be on every demanding mobile user?s shortlist.
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    The Fuel+ is easily worth our bang for buck award, ... we found its high capacity, robust build quality and rock solid performance make it a worthy investment for anyone looking for extra power on the go., Eteknix Read More
    In addition to a high capacity, which is enough to charge multiple smartphones ..., I appreciate Patriot Fuel + has two USB connectors which charge with 1A and 2.5A. This allows you to quickly charge the larger tablets. Excellent (1.5) , CHIP CZ Read More

This model is equipped with two rechargeable ports, so it can power up to two devices at once. The portable battery comes with a power cable with a micro USB connector. The battery can be charged by the USB port of a computer - four blue LEDs on the side of the portable device inform you about your battery status.�

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"Patriot Memory isn’t the kind of company to cut corners, and the Fuel+ line is no exception. I was thoroughly impressed with the build quality on all models."
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"Compact, charges two devices at the same time, works with any tablet and smartphone that can charge over USB. For a portable battery that can extend your tablet runtime by 50% and at least double or triple your smartphone battery runtime, the Patriot FUEL+ 9000mAh Mobile Rechargeable Battery is a great companion for travelers away from power outlets and on long flights. "
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At 6000 mAh a nice unit is the Fuel+ from Patriot, the memory company. There's a 9000 mAh Fuel+ available too, and several other sizes as well. All sizes at 5200 mAh and above have two output ports, one of which is 2.5A. The company says that's the highest available (other manufacturers offer 2.1A), and that it results in faster charging.
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Patriot smashed it out of the park with their 9000mAh Fuel+ charger. It has become a device that I use each and every day now and can’t see myself without it. If you use smart deceives, you need one.
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