Take It, Charge It, Fuel Up! FUEL+ is a mobile rechargeable battery that's the perfect power companion for almost any mobile device. Whether you are on the go, or at home; you can keep your device charged virtually anywhere, anytime.

The FUEL+ offers several capacities to fit your mobile lifestyle so you can stay powered up and productive.
Simultaneous charging

FUEL+ mobile rechargeable batteries feature a unique power pass through technology to simultaneously charge both your FUEL+ mobile rechargable battery and device from one power source.
Engineered to same standards as branded laptop batteries

FUEL+ mobile rechargeable batteries are engineered to the same standards as name brand laptop batteries providing consistent performance throughout the full lifecycle of the battery.
Simple 2-step charging

Simply plug in the included micro USB or device compatible USB charging cord, press the FUEL+ power button and your device will begin the charge cycle. The FUEL+ mobile rechargeable battery will automatically shut down after the device is fully charged.


2.5A Charging for large tablets

The FUEL+ 5200mAh, 6000mAh, 7800mAh, and 9000mAh feature a 2.5A USB out, perfect for charging large tablets and other power hungry devices.

By having a 2.5A output, the FUEL+ 5200mAH, 6000mAh, 7800mAh, and 9000mAh provide the ability to charge mobile devices faster than competing mobile batteries with 2.1A charge ports.
Built-in Lightning™

Specifically designed for use with iPhone® 5, iPad® Mini, 5th Generation iPod touch®, and 7th Generation iPod nano®, the FUEL+ 1500mAh is fully MFi certified and features an integrated Lightning™ connector.

* Not for full sized iPad® which requires 2.1A output
* Lightning™ Connector only available on 1500mAh model.

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* FUEL+ 1500mAh product use only with Apple® products with Lightning™ connector.