Hello. I have a fallowing issue with Valkyrie. Due to safety reasons I want to store my pst files (Outlook e-mails database) on NAS with mirrored HDD.

Unfortunately when I do that (copy pst files), then point them in settings of my Outlook (ver 2003), my Outlook only opens once. I can open it, work with it nominally util i close it. After that when i try to open Outlook again i get something like "error, the pst file is corrupted". And its always repeating as that. When i restore the copy on from HDD to NAS, open Outlook, receive few e-mails, close it i can't open it again.

I tried it on different Valkyrie's (two separate units) and on different PC's in two locations. It seams to be an issue after pst file gain some weight (don't now exactly but lest say that after size of file extends 100MB-200MB). This solution works just great on Windows Server with shared folders.

I tried at least 2 software version (initial one V01R01 and last beta V01R04).

I tried also to change the MTU to lower value (as i found that this might be an issue) but this didn't helped.

All other files work just fine. I store a True Crypt 50GB file (encrypted file mounted as a virtual HDD) and it works just great.

Hope that anybody can help me here.

Thanks for any suggestions