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Thread: How to save a working bootloader image

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    Default How to save a working bootloader image


    My friend load for an error the wrong bootloader code (by Asus O!Play) into an O2Media HMR600.

    Now the unit after reboot go in recovery mode (and not show the message Press ESC to block the loading).

    I have the same unit of my friends and I want to make a bcakup of my working bootcode to replace his bootloader.

    How can make a backup of working bootloader? I think that theese instruction are usefull to make a library of bootcode that should be user to recover bricked unit.

    I have the serial interface (+3.3V converter to RS232), Hypeterminal.

    The bootloader code v26 that I see on this thread is a generic bootloader that can bel loaded in every mediabox based on realtek platdorm or is it specifci for a specific hardware?


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    As far as I know bootloaders are specific to the hardware; think of it as the bios in a PC. I absolutely have no idea how you would go about backing up your bootloader; I would think that a memory dump from a specific location is probably the way to go but I do not know the memory location where the bootloader reside.


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    Some firmware can be download from offical website. It may contains bootloader code (like ACRyan).

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