Hi All, I am a complete newbie to the PBO but have used a Popcorn A110 and a HTPC with XBMC installed in the past. I purchased the PBO to simplify usage for my wife who is not PC literate. The PBO fullfills most everything she needs except playlist creation via whole folder select, easy YouTube and BBC iPlayer access.
I have installed the latest standard firmware, a hard drive and have my network setup.
After reading many threads on the forums its clear that the playlist problem may never be satisfactory, the YouTube solution requires telnet access to the hidden area of the HDD and there is no mention anywhere about the BBC iPlayer. So far I have tried using a free program (iMediashare) available on Android and Apple iOS to share various feeds including YouTube to the PBO and it works very well. I have tried creating .m3u playlists on my Android tablet and PC and after saving them on the PBO I can get some of them to playback PBO files but they dont reside in the playlist folder.
What I think I need is information as to where the PBO stores its own generated playlists (HDD hidden partition perhaps) so I can edit or add my own in to the playlists folder seen on the browse menu.

If anyone has BBC iPlayer working as a ME feed their info in setting up would be great.

Any help at all with these requirements would be much appreciated and would make life much easier for my wife and myself.
Thanks in anticipation. Mike