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    I'm trying to setup my Javelin to work with my TViX media player. After some fiddling around I got it to work. But I want to create a directory off the root of VOLUME1 called TVIX and inside of that I want a collection of links pointing to various other directory throughout the NAS. The TViX is connecting via NFS. I am not a Linux expert but so far I've rooted the Javelin and created a symbolic link to the MUSIC folder off the VOLUME1 folder. From inside of the telnet session I can traverse the MUSIC link into the VOLUME1\MUSIC folder, but the TViX does not see it. So I want to create a HARD link when I do that I get a error...

    [root@s4]# cd VOLUME1
    [root@s4]# ls
    DOWNLOAD      PLUGINAPP     UPLOAD        homes
    MUSIC         PUBLIC        VIDEO         printerspool
    PICTURE       TVIX          WWW
    [root@s4]# cd TVIX
    [root@s4]# ln   /VOLUME1/MUSIC ./MUSIC
    ln: ./MUSIC: Operation not permitted
    I can't tell if this is a syntax error or a File System limitation.

    Can someone show me how to create Hard Links inside the Javelin BusyBox OS?

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    I dont think you can do that...

    ...because the link is identical to the thing it points to, it becomes difficult to give a command such as "list all the contents of this directory recursively but ignore any links". Most modern operating systems don't allow hard links on directories to prevent endless recursion

    My Suggestion, try to see if you can make the root folder for your TVix be the /VOLUME1/ Folder rather than the / folder, possibly creating a new user specifically for the TVix

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    Yea, I can do that. I was just hoping for something cleaner.

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