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Thread: Problem with X79 socket PXQ316G1600LLQK (Patriot Memory DDR3 1600MHz 16GB)

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    Default Problem with X79 socket PXQ316G1600LLQK (Patriot Memory DDR3 1600MHz 16GB)

    Rampage IV Extreme board

    2 x Patriot PXQ316G1600LLQK ( 8 modules 4gb each )

    XMP profile 1600 mhz 8 9 8 24 , 1.65v

    At the first startup system saw 32 gb but after i while i got a BSOD and then after the restart its now 24 gb, if i shutdown the pc and unplug ram from slots B1 and B2 turn it on then turn it off and plug the ram again it sometimes goes back to 32 ( but not always ) but again in windows after a while i get a BSOD.

    If there's no memory in slot B1 and B2 there's no BSOD in windows when i unplugged all besides 2 sticks in B1 B2 they work fine ( testing prime 95 blend mode ) so they are woking in single channel mode and are not failing but when i plug all the memory sticks in and then slots B1 B2 are working in quad chanell mode i get a BSOD

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    (As a basic functions test) Can you please try testing each kit at a time to see if it works at the rated speeds? Unfortunately we can only guarantee the rated speeds per kit. Once you add the extra kit, it adds extra stress to the memory controller and you may need to downlclock the timings and/or frequency.

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