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Thread: Is this transaction Legitimate?

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    Default Is this transaction Legitimate?

    I just now won a Patriot Memory PS-100 32 GB (PS32GS25SSD) (SSD) Solid State Drive SATA II 2 on ebay for pretty cheap....after i pay the seller sends me this message:

    Dear subrectre7,

    My apologies, but I listed this late last night and forgot to mention that I removed the original UPC from the box when I first bought it. Please let me know if this is a problem. Otherwise, I will ship first thing Monday.

    Best Regards,


    listing also states:

    I am currently Spring cleaning my house. Everything works great, but is priced to sell because I am either currently not or will not be using them.

    For sale is my Patriot 32GB PS-100 SSD. I have had this for 3+ years and it has worked perfectly. I sold it 2 months ago because I didn't need it any longer. The customer returned it claiming it failed some test he ran on it (bad sector?). Anyway, I used it for the last 2 months as both a storage drive AND a boot drive. Worked perfectly. However, I will offer a 7-day return policy to reassure you that it works.

    Includes drive, SATA cable, original box, and bonus external USB enclosure.

    so i got a few questions:
    1.) is this sale legitimate? (did buyer get refunded w/upc or is this a rebate issue?)
    2.) if i isolate bad sectors or ? could i have a cool, non problematic lesser sized ssd or is this quickly degrading quick move and hustle sale?
    3.) is there any possibility this is a micro sd or usb pen drive and sata adapter posing in a case?
    4.) what should ask?? (i'm new to ssd) or should i report; back out; flag this? ><
    i appreciate any help and advice, im on an ubuntu budget,

    (i can post/pm url at mod request)

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    Honestly, I'd use any excuse I can to get out of this purchase.

    This drive has terrible write performance, especially sustained write performance, and I think you are wasting your money buying it. The only time a drive like this could be useful is if you had a pure read-only workload ... which is very rare.

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