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Thread: recoved stolen memory from computer Valid SN? Please help !

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    Default recoved stolen memory from computer Valid SN? Please help !

    Hi i had my computer stolen 5 weeks ago!.. ive seen some memory in a local 2nd hand computer store and bought it to compear S/N that is on the lables of the memory and my Recipt from overclockers.. its the same! does this mean its the memory i had stolen that was from the stolen computer ? or does all the type of memory i bought have the same S/N or all diffrent? thanks chris

    im guessing that pvt36g1600llk means the memory i got and not a S/N ? how would i prove that it is the memory i had stolen ?? is there any other numbers i can look for on the sticks ??
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    Hi chriswest,

    I'm sorry to hear about your computer. Unfortunately our memory is not serialized if that's what you're asking. Therefore the markings can be identical from kit to kit and there would be nothing to differentiate it. Sorry again for your computer... best of luck with everything!

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