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Thread: Flash Firmware if installed in Macbook Pro

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    Default Flash Firmware if installed in Macbook Pro

    I am using the 240GB Wildfire in my 2011 Macbook Pro and I am very happy, it works well and the performance is great. I was able to enable TRIM and run at 6GB/s.

    I like to flash the drive to the latest firmware and was wondering if there is a way around me having to remove the drive and flash it in a Windows PC.

    Would I lose all my MAC data if I do this?

    Has anyone done this and give me some hinters how to do this in the most efficient and secure way?


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    Hi Kai,

    You can simply remove the drive and hook it to another system with Windows on it as a secondary drive.

    The format is non-destructive and your data should be intact.

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