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Thread: "Drive not formatted" - Supersonic Xpress USB3.0 32 GB

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    Exclamation "Drive not formatted" - Supersonic Xpress USB3.0 32 GB

    Hi all,

    So I went to plug in my Supersonic Xpress USB3.0 32 GB today and I got the nitemare BSOD-type message: "Disc in drive X is not formatted, do I want to format it now?"

    The flashdrive has at least 3 gigs of important files on it. I learned from reading this forum that this could result from a bad ejection.

    Problem is, the drive was not badly ejected (last it was used, it was removed from the computer while the power was on but the OS was in shutdown) -- but it seems this drive has somehow been blanked...

    I'm hoping there is something someone here can tell me to recover my data. I've worked with a lot of flashdrives in my time and I've never heard of one being blanked in this manner, let alone from a single and questionable "bad ejection"?

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    Hi Wigmaster,

    Sorry to hear about the issue with your flash drive. Unfortunately we do not work with any data recovery centers. To recover any data, we would recommend that you send the device off to a data recovery/retrieval center in order to do so. They would have all the necessary tools to perform a deep-extraction of data on a cell level. Furthermore, we strongly recommend searching for ones in your area so that you do not have to ship anything in. The advantage of this as well, is for convenience; so that you can sit down with them and go there directly should there be any issues with the process. There should be plenty of them around world-wide and simple review sites such as Yelp should tell you which ones do a good job.

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