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Thread: PVT33G1600LLK max voltage?

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    Default PVT33G1600LLK max voltage?

    Hullo there, I have 2 sets of PVT33G1600LLK (3x1gb per set, 6gb total) And I've been using them perfectly awesomely for about a year now at 1461mhz @ 7-7-7-20 with 1.66v.

    My question is.. what's the maximum voltage these can take without voiding my warranty? I have active cooling on them, using a special cpu heatsink that has a second fan that hangs over the memory and blows down onto the memory modules.

    I'm just wondering if they'll work at 2.0v? maybe 2.2v? or would that void the warranty? This is supposed to be overclocking ram... But thought I'd ask before doing it.

    I've run them at 10-11-11-30 before in the past.. So I know they can take more relaxed timings, I was considering trying something like 11-12-12-35 or even more relaxed (new Asus P6T bios added some more memory timing options recently with a new bios), and try for 1800mhz, but It'd probably need more voltage for that... does anyone have any experience getting these modules around 1800mhz? I've had em at 1725 for a few months once.

    And yes i do know how the intel i7's work with voltage relationship between cpu and memory, that's not what i'm asking or concerned about here, just the memory.
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