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Thread: Having trouble playing some .mkv files

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    Default Having trouble playing some .mkv files

    Hey group.

    I've recently purchased my PBO a few months ago and everything had been working great. It seemed to play anything I threw at it right out of the box. I've recently had some problems viewing a few 720p .mkv files. The latest one is the new Cars 2 movie. All I get is the sound and a blank picture. The file plays fine on my pc running winXP via vlc media player. It also plays to my tv from my macbook (snow leopard) via hdmi. I had this problem with a 720p bridesmaids copy but don't seem to encounter the issue with other .mkv or .avi files.

    I have not updated my firmware and really don't know how to check what version is installed.

    Thanks for any support.

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    mkv probably means h264 video. It's possible it's been encoded to 10-bit(a pretty new standard). Not sure if a firmware update would fix it or not, but there's a fair chance that's the issue.

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    The problem is that the PBO core supports MKV in the form of the proper MKV definition which means that it cannot properly play a all of the streams in the container without a proper header.

    Some people that RIP these movies are not setting their encoding software correctly to create the proper header.

    VLC can figure out the streams with no problem, primarily because a desktop/laptop computer has the h0orsepower to seek all available streams within the container but a device like the PBO core does not.

    The solution is to re-merge the file. Download a copy of MKVmerge (google will find it), process the file and MKVmerge will add in the porper header. You can also drop any unnecessary streams when you do this (subtitles that you do not need).

    I am not sure if we are allowed to post links here but when you google it, you should find it at bunkus dot org

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    I have had the same problem. As Ron said you can use MKVmerge but I have found it must be version 2.4.2 or earlier to work consisitently.
    The files which have a blank screen are always encoded with a later version if I check the file details with mediainfo.
    A quick remux fixes the problem

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