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Thread: PDC24G6400LLQK unable to use 4 sticks

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    Default PDC24G6400LLQK unable to use 4 sticks

    I bought a kit of 100% Quad-Tested PDC24G6400LLQK 4x1GB to run on my eVGA 680i SLI motherboard.

    The system is highly unstable with all 4 sticks installed. The best result I've been able to achieve is for windows to lock up shortly after boot. The majority of the time, the system won't even post.

    I have tested each stick individually, and they all run fine. I have also tested all the sticks in combinations of 2 and 3 as well, and they work fine. As soon as I add a fourth stick, I encounter problems.

    I don't believe it is an OS problem, as most of the time with 4 sticks I have trouble POSTing.

    Settings I have tried adjusting:
    Updating to latest mobo BIOS
    EPP profile settings
    Memory timings
    Memory clock speed
    Memory voltage
    Mobo chipset voltages
    FSB speed
    FSB voltages
    CPU speed
    CPU voltages
    CPU multiplier
    CPU/RAM ratio
    Increasing airflow

    This is an Alienware Predator2 (P2) case with excellent airflow.

    If I am not mistaken, this memory kit is the same kit that Alienware uses on their systems with this same motherboard. I verifired compatability before buying this kit.

    What other options do I have? Is there another kit that will work that I can trade this in for?

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    Default PDC24G6400LLQK unable to use 4 sticks

    It appears these forums don't support carriage returns.

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