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Thread: Patriot WildFire 120GB: Random freeze, Sudden reset, BSOD

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    Default Patriot WildFire 120GB: Random freeze, Sudden reset, BSOD

    It is fast, but problematic like other brands too.
    Symptoms are similar to the thread by FireMouth.

    My specs: Asus-Z68Deluxe, Gskill-1600-16GB, Intel-CPU2600k, Cool*master-700W supply, ATI-HD5870.

    1) I have experience random freeze after every boot.
    2) Sometimes, it reset without notice. This happen once in a week like that.
    3) BSOD occurred, when running multiple applications concurrently (e.g. simulation, games, music, video all together). The busier it gets, more frequent it happens.

    The % of occurrence still low but I got twice last night and started to get real p**sed.

    I didnt think of f*** the brand in the forum at first because I was a board engineer and so really understand the painful debugging life in the company lab.
    I have been comparing brands and finally settle down to use Patriot SSD, been happy with my choice.

    However, it is my bootable drive, keep rebooting my new system is somehow a shame of calling it a new system, though. So, I have decided to create this thread and **** this brand.

    Wth is going on in the SSD engineering team? if the product is not stable, wtf tape it out to the market? wasting my time compare & selecting and getting the same junk like others with OCZ's SSD...
    engineering firms nowadays are worse than worst... engineers are enjoying morning tea, afternoon tea, evening tea, facebooking at the workplace and not doing their job. Sigh... sigh...

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    I experienced the same problems for my wildfire 240Gb ssd. It costs more than $500, and Patriot claimed it's bug-free. What a Shame! They think we are all guinea pigs!

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    01/08/2011 : (4 cases)
    -2 freezes and have to reset
    -12 freezes follows by BSOD (something like x0000124 blabla...)

    Before BSOD when it start freezing desktop, continuous humming sound come from the case.

    looks like WildFire SSD is started to get real ugly.

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    Do you have your drivers updated including Intel RST Matrix? Make sure the drive is running in AHCI.

    Can you verify that date of the issues you are seeing is correct or if the drive is correct? 1/8/2011? These drives were just launched. FireMouth actually had a PS-100. Please advise.

    Can you get more information on the BSOD code and the exact code you are getting? Blue-screen errors can also be memory issues.

    johnny8, Can you elaborate on the issues you are seeing? Please indicate make, model, system and issue etc.

    Can you guys both run a benchmark with ATTO as well to verify what speeds you are seeing? Usually when a drive goes bad, performance is a strong indicator. Please advise.

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    Default same here

    Hi guys,

    I just picked up a patriot wildfire 120 gig ssdrive 2 days ago and I'm having the exact same symptoms. Last night while gaming my computer randomly hung. Also, I've left my computer on before I went to bed and woke up to find it rebooted and hung. The drive is missing until i power off completely and then restart. Upon cold boot the drive works normally. I registered just now to report this.

    Please help if you can.

    system specs:

    Windows 7 - 64 bit
    Nivida gtx 580
    EVGA x58 Classified 3
    Gskill 6 gigs 1333 ddr3 ram
    antec 1200 watt power supply

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    My system spec:

    Sager laptop NP8150-S1(Clevo P150HM motherboard, HM65 chipset)
    Intel i7-2630QM
    ATI Radeon HD 6970M video card
    8Gb DDR3 133MHz ram
    Clean installed Windows 7 64bit SP1, latest system Bios & Intel RST, and had the driver running in AHCI.

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    In addition, the above system is brand new, just got it in July. Now I just switched back to mechanical hard driver with several hours of computing, no random freeze or sudden reset at all. So I don't think there is a problem with any other system peripherals.

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    Asus Z68 Deluxe is AHCI by 'default'. I confirmed that after checking in BIOS.

    Actually I did check on Intel webpage and I believe this is new, isnt it?
    To confirm, I opened the IRST icon in my notification area, the version is
    and this bloody app says all my drives are OK, labelled with 'green ticks'.
    Yea, clever app which cant even know when it get "backstabed by the BSOD"... LMAO...

    Here is my ATTO result. How is it? Does it look sick?

    I run MEMTEST before and after loading OS, my 16GB Gskill RAM are okay.

    Today is 02/08/2011: No BSOD so far. But it is night time now, going to play online game with mates. I hope the SSD wont become emotional tonight, u know... like female. That's how I learn my SSD's gender.

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    A few important statement I should have mentioned in the beginning.

    1) I DO NOT overclock my system. Everything is on their regular performance.

    2) I never get these happened before with old Western Digital Mechanical Drive which last for 5-6 years, and now I switch to WildFire, which wild-firing these bad things at me eventually.

    3) I always update my drivers straight away after installing the OS.

    4) the BSOD I saw are with the same x00 codes.

    5) *** The HDD LED is constantly ON when it FREEZE the desktop. After 30-60 seconds when recover from freezing, the HDD LED back to normal***
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    I own a brand new Alien Ware 17X 3R laptop and decided to put in a PAtriot Wildfire 240GB SSD. The hard drive disappears. Sometimes the BIOS detects it, sometimes it does not, sometimes it drops off during Boot up.
    Also I could not get the new Intel Storage driver to work with it. I had to reload windows to get it to the old driver to make it work. So their "update the drivers" recomendation sucked.
    It only did it intermittently at first, now its all of the time. I have only had it for 5 days. I have tried swapping ports and the problem follows. My regular laptop hard drive works fine. I am deployed to Afghanistan and wanted a very reliable hard drive so I decided to buy this highly recommended brand. What a piece of crap. And I have no way to return it out here. A 550 dollar paperweight and I cannot use my computer with it.
    It seems like they are doing what most companies are doing which is riding a good brand name and making crap products till it goes under.
    Can anyone recommend a reliable brand of SSD? Price does not matter; I only want something I can depend on where all parts used come from a reliable company. Not where the company puts in a good controller and good NAND flash memory but decides to go with a cheap PCB made and assembled in a broom closet in china to save 1 cent and bring down the quality of the whole drive.

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