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    i'm not sure if this belongs here if not please move this to the apropriate directory.

    this a guide to work around the playon 14 day trial.

    what you need:

    a copy of xp that will validate. ( i tried it with the 30 day evaluation but couldn't get it to update to meet the requirements of playon.)

    virtual box installed, you can download it from

    ok so first you need to install virtual box and create a new virtual machine.
    the VM must conform to at least the minimum requirements of playon. i used 576 MB ram and 8 gig hdd.

    install windows and activate it or do what you need to do to make it valid.

    next install windows media player 11 and update the .net framework and also the flash player. and install the virtualbox additions.

    next download the latest version of playon and save it to the desktop. dont install it yet.

    click on the devices menu in virtual box and click on network adapters. choose bridged from the first dropdown box and choose your active network adapter.

    if you have already exhausted your trial on the host machine then copy the plugins directory from wherever playon was installed and save it to a shared drive or someplace that the guest os can access. (the PBO HDD comes to mind)

    click on the machine menu in virtual box and click take a snapshot type in a name and description for the snapshot.

    next you need to install playon. during the install it will ask you for your first and last name, email address, and one more piece of info, i think it asks you to retype your email.

    Name field: must be more than 1 character separated into two groups by a space example: lsierugha lajwhfgpu
    if done correctly the dialogue will show a green checkmark to the left.

    email: the key here is to have the @ and . the installer doesn't check the email but does check the context. so as long as the context is correct your golden. retype the email address in the next field when your done you should have a checkmark to the left of each field and the ok button should be clickable.

    click ok throughout the install and finish at the end.

    close the playon settings dialogue and goto the windows firewall and allow playon settings and mediamall server through. at this point the server should be accessible from the pbo. if not then you need to allow virtual box through your host os firewall. this could also be achieved in a free linux distro compatible with playon.

    thats it... now every 14 days just restore the snapshot and reinstall playon using different user information. as long as u keep your info random you shouldn't have any problems.... unless they start validating email addresses anyway....

    oh, i almost forgot, copy your plugins dir to the install dir and merge or replace the one that already exists...


    this is not meant to obtain software for free but to allow more time to evaluate the product to enable you to make a more informed decision on whether to sub or go with a different product.
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