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Thread: DDR3 memory slow than old DDR2

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    Default DDR3 memory slow than old DDR2

    In the beginning of the year we bought 8 Gigs of DDR3 (PC3-16000) for a MB-M4A79XT running an AMD865 3.4 Quad running Win 7 64 Pro.

    The system is NOTICABLY slower than the system it is replacing XP AMD6400 4 G of RAM.

    Ran several programs and the memory is TWICE AS SLOW as the OLDER DDR2.

    What can be done to get this to be FASTER than the older memory??

    Please help!!!!

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    What size Hard Drive do you have and how full is your Hard Drive space? Do you have any active virus scanners to check for viruses or spyware?

    Try a control panel uninstall of any programs you don't use.

    On our end the only thing we can really troubleshoot is if the memory works for the system.

    You can also run an In-Windows test called Prime95 or Orthos which can be found here to test the memory and overall stability.

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    New HDs and plenty of space.

    Problem has been found to the the ASUS CPU settings. They have an app that lets you set the MB to Performance, Max Power Savings or Auto. It was on Max Power Sevaings. Changing to Auto worked.


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