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Thread: Sponsor Request returned as spam

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    Default Sponsor Request returned as spam


    I filled out the sponsor request form, but I got a mail back saying it was spam:

    "550 Spam suspect,Your are not Gmail Server (in reply to RCPT TO command)"

    (nice grammar btw... :P)

    I only just realized this...hopefully my request won't get denied on a basis of time. I see that it's happened people really should look into that.

    Here was my form:

    Event Name: FragFest
    Years Held: 7
    Location: SUNYIT Campus Center Gym
    Event Date: October 1st - October 3rd
    Expected Attendees: 50-75
    Registered Attendees: 24
    Top seeds or Clans:
    Games Played: StarCraft 2, Halo Reach, CS:S, UT2K4, others

    Promo/Prizes requested:
    We would appreciate any promotional item or prize that Patriot Memory would be willing to send. Previously you sponsored us by sending flash drives, which went over very well with the recipients of those we raffled off.

    Other Sponsors:
    Alienware, Centon

    How event is promoted:
    Facebook, fliers at other college campuses, fliers at local game stores (game stop, replay games, and game nutz), and a press release in the local newspaper

    How will Patriot memory be promoted:
    They will be included on the website, on the brochure every member receives at the event, on promotional posters and fliers, on our facebook fan page and events page, and any banners we are sent will be prominently displayed at sign in. We also routinely speak of our sponsors over the loudspeaker throughout the event.

    Thank you,
    President, SUNY Tech Gamers Club

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    By the way, I tried the form on the site using a gmail address (gamers . sunyit at gmail dot com), tried emailing marketing using the same gmail address, then tried emailing AGAIN with a different gmail address (my personal one). The initial form that got denied was actually sent to my spam folder so I didn't even see it at first.

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    I forwarded your inquiry to our Marketing Dept.

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