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Thread: Only fools and horses

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    Dear Patriot,

    i sent an email to sales a few times and there was no feedback.

    This reminds me on english tv show "Only Fools And Horses".

    I saw a forum article about not replying to emails sent from customers.

    But I sent you an email about distribution and after few FWDs Your server rejected my mails.

    So I am wondering is it a company policy directed by the head office not to reply to e-mails or is it just an individual disobedience.

    Best regards.

    Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov
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    Dear Evgeniy,

    What email address were the e-mails sent to? Was it to It sounds like you maybe using a domain that our server is blocking thinking that it is spam. What kind of questions did you have? I can forward you to our sales department.

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