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Thread: Patriot USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter (PCUSB3EXP) and SuperTalent SuperCrypt flash driv

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    Default Patriot USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter (PCUSB3EXP) and SuperTalent SuperCrypt flash driv

    Please relocate if necessary. I did not see a "Peripherals" forum.

    Recently received the aforementioned products. However, when I plug my USB 3.0 flash drive into the patriot expresscard adapter, nothing happens. The device doesn't even receive power. USB 2.0 drives work fine with the adapter, and the flash drive works fine as a USB 2.0 device when plugged in directly to my computer. Thoughts?

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    Hi zaventh,

    Send us an e-mail with your address and shipping info. We'll get you an adapter for your ExpressCard...

    It sounds like the flashdrive you are using might not be a true usb 3.0 drive but it is using a raided bridge solution which is likely to draw more power. In which case, the adapter we'll send connects to an existing usb 2.0 port that should power your drive.

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    Default usb 3.0 express card

    This USB 3.0 Expresscard is designed for your laptop's expresscard slot, the small thin slot that's probably on the left or right side of your laptop and is found on most laptops these days. This expresscard is of the 34mm variety, and will fit into virtually any expresscard slot.


    * Chipset ID: NEC UPD720200
    * Data Transfer Rate: 5 Gbps USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
    * Card Type: 34mm ExpressCard
    * Power Adapter Included: No
    * Operating Temperature: -0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
    * OS Compatibility: Windows XP(32/64bit)/ 2003(32/64bit)/ Vista(32/64bit)/ 7(32/64bit)
    * Additional Information
    * - Backwards compatible with previous USB standards
    * - Compliant with ExpressCard 1.0 specs
    * - Fully compliant with USB 3.0 revision 1.0 specifications and Intel xHCI rev0.95 specifications
    * - Fully supports the following USB Communication Types: Control/Bulk/Interrupt/Isochronous Transfer
    * - USB ports are Hot Swapping and Plug-and-Play compliant

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    Unfortunately we do not have drivers for Linux.
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