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Thread: PS-100 Official Update

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    Default PS-100 Official Update

    Dear Valued Customers,

    We are aware of the current performance issues some of you are having with your PS-100 drives at the moment. We want you to know that we are making every effort to improve the random write performance of the drive as well as allow for the drive to support trim. During the course of the last few months, our Engineers have been working around the clock to get a firmware ready for public release.

    We realize that this is a time sensitive matter as most of you have waited long enough. We want you to know that all of your complaints and suggestions, through overall accumulated frustration are being heard, and that no one is being “ignored.” Our main channel through support is via e-mail which are usually answered within 2 business days.

    We thank you for your patience. As soon as we have a solution, you all will be the first to know. We will have a solution for the PS-100 available for our customers one way or another.

    Patriot Memory

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    I sent three e-mails to RMA and Tech support department with request to send the drive for a refund (and I received confirmations that all three e-mails were opened and read by recipient).
    I received NO answer within promised 2 days.

    I received NO answer to my question here (in a dedicated thread) as well.

    Are there any other options to get Patriot attention and finally get an answer?
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    When did you send the e-mail? Was it to

    Is your email you sent it from the same as your registered e-mail address? (Hotmail)

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    first e-mail was addressed to
    I got a reply (it was from ****; I use **** instead of name).

    I send a reply to **** (and CC: to with this question.

    Should I send my request to (instead of ****

    PS: and no, I don't use hotmail address (I know that hotmail can filter messages and put them into junk folder).
    I use my business address ****

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    Hey genpix,

    According to one of the support reps, an email was sent to your **** on Monday at 11:28AM.

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    finally, I got the e-mail answer (5:03PM PST, April 7th).

    My question was:
    Can I return my PS-100 SSD for a refund?
    I can enclose my Fry's Electronics receipt (I bought the drive last
    November; and I can not return it back to the store).
    The answer I received is:
    I am sorry to hear that you couldn't get the product to work. Please return the drive to your retailer for a refund.

    Should I really wait for 2 days to receive such kind of answer?!

    do you have real people behind this e-mail box, or do you have a simple auto-reply script (which even does not understand the question)?

    If it's just a script, why do I need to wait for 2 days?
    If the answer is sent by a real person, can this person read?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriot_Ben View Post
    We will have a solution for the PS-100 available for our customers one way or another.
    I assume one of the "solution" is a permanent fix. Could you tell us what the "another" means? I am regretting getting this drive since I found out about the performance issue. I know I paid a lot less for a SSD drive compared with others on the market, but the performance is not as advertised. Could you clarify whether this other option is a refund or free upgrade, and if so, when that is likely to happen? Some kind of time-frame would be useful for us, as it would be something to look forward to...

    A frustrated customer

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    Default Ssd

    I'm kind of new at this and need some info.
    1. Where can I get a safe version of wipper?
    2. I made an image from a hdd raid drive strip 0. The images puts the first sector at 63.(default). Will the new firmware 3.0 correct this and properly fix the alignment? (Win 7-64 bit, PS-100 64G 2ea in raid strip 0, Asus P5QC mb with intel raid)
    3. Will trim be supported on a raid aray?
    4. I can use Norton Ghost to fix the partitions for the first sector to be 64 instead of 63. Must this be done seperatly on each drive or can this be done on the array? Will this make any difference? Is this another way to do this?
    5. If trim doesn't work how do I shut off the auto defrag?
    6. What kind of a performance hit will I take if trim is not an option and the alignment is out of wack?

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    Default Bench Mark

    I used the crystal River Bench mark test and the results for my raid array are discusting. Note the install was from an image file which places the first sector at 63....

    seq read 121
    seq write 46
    512k read 95
    512k write 1.5
    4K read 1.6
    4K write 0.49

    This is in a stripe 0 raid array
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default read above

    read above pleas answered Question about trim above

    [B]trim doesnt work if ur running the 2x ps-100's as a RAID 0 64gb hd ....... if ur running 1 x ps-100 32gb in RAID 0 trim works with new Intel RST 9.6 drivers ..... Intel still working on 2x ssd RAID (if they ever get it workin).....
    default Microsoft Driver in WIN 7 doesnt do trim in RAID

    New Intel RST 9.6 win 7 driver only does Single drive pass throu in RAID

    secondly ur mobo would be Intel P45 chipest with ICH 9 RAID chip so could be a bottle neck there.... not saying there is but possiable as its older chipset/controller ...

    thridly those bench results seem to be without firmware 3 ? as 4k is only 0.1 everyone else on 3 is getting o.4

    forthly If windows 7 was installed fresh to a SSD it should have auto turned off auto defrag...... and with a image and reimage should keep those settings and on a detection of an SSD should do it auto
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