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Thread: Under voltage on PDC22G8500ELK

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    Default Under voltage on PDC22G8500ELK

    I have set the RAM voltage to 2v with timing @1066Mhz, and seems stable. BF2 runs great with all setting turned all the way up for sustained periods of time.

    Is there any reason setting the voltage lower than the rated 2.3v might cause damage to the RAM?

    Are there some other stability tests I should be looking at?

    I am trying to keep the voltage low so that the RAM doesn't kill itself. Which I have seen alot of, in forums with NV-680i boards with higher voltage(2.2v+).

    CPU - Intel C2D E6600
    Motherboard - EVGA-122-CK-NF68-A1
    RAM - 2GB PDC22G8500ELK
    Video - 8800 GTS 320MB

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    Default Under voltage on PDC22G8500ELK

    If the memory is able to run with a lower voltage it will not hurt the memory. The higher voltage is set so it will make the memory run more stable. so not all memory are the same so there for not each memory out that needs the 2.3 voltage inorder to run stable. But we do suggest you to use that voltage for the memory.

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