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Thread: Convoy I/O errors

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    Default Convoy I/O errors

    I'm using the convoy in a mac pro. I've got two Kingston 128GB SSDs inside. I set the dip switches for FAST. I've got the convoy in a hotswap SATA bay. I was able to get the unit to show up as a single 256GB drive and I initialized and formatted it for OSX. The setup seemed to be working for a bit - I successfully copied a 6 gb video file to the convoy and played it back. Using xbench, i was getting transfer rates in the 110MB/S range, which seems pretty slow. During a second pass with xbench, I got a read/write error, and subsquent attempts to copy files yielded more errors. Any suggestions? Is the unit bad or could it be something else? I don't have a windows machine to test with (I specifically purchased this product because of it's puported OSX support), so I don't think steelvine is an option. The SSDs by themselves appear to work fine.



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    problem is you are not using patriot SSD! just kidding .

    Did you go through the RAID setup suggested in the sticky? Was one of the drive bay LED blinking in orange? if so.. the RAID needs to setup before use.

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