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    Quote Originally Posted by aasoror View Post
    Thanks for the reply CJ, I think Steverion didn't mean the Realtek SDK source code, as we all know its closed source.

    I think Steverion meant the source code for the interface, same as the one ASUS is providing for the O!play (can be downloaded from their website).

    We aren't expecting Patriot to fix chipset related issues like network speed or HDMI handshaking issues on themselves (the best Patriot can do is pushing REALTEK to provide a new SDK).

    That said, we aren't expecting Realtek to get the PBO related fixes done for us, because Realtek isn't going to provide an SDK for the FAN speed settings, or skining the interface or providing movie jukebox or for accessing internet based materials. Those modifications require no changes in the actual SDK but rather some resource dedication for the PBO development.

    The problem is customers/potential customers can't help comparing the PBO with some of the competition only couple of months older than the PBO (same chipset so same Realtek SDK issues) but since had seen couple of MAJOR firmware releases (associated with updated Realtek SDKs) and many MINOR firmware releases (fixing minor bugs, introducing improvements and interface bells and whistles)

    That said, I would like to mention one more thing, is the "format the HDD after the upgrade or lose your BT/SAMBA cababilities" another Realtek related issue ? because it surprises me that that the P02 BETA was upgraded to an RTM by just renaming it without any modifications done, and I quote your post on the firmware thread:

    So the P02 is no longer beta according to Patriot, so is it Final yet ? if so why isn't the format warning issue resolved ?!

    And on the same occasion, what about the boodtcode flash DIY update ? for all we know we are still waiting for you to take those picture you mentioned 6 weeks ago, I know you have kindly announced that we can get it done via an RMA request, but what about the DIY ? is it possible ..? not possible, will we ever see those instructions ?! I don't think the community mind if we never saw it (perhaps for the fear that lots would brick their players doing so) its just that we need to be informed.

    I would like to thank you again for your honesty and openness in handling those concerns, and I (and I think the community as well) would be interested in hearing back from you regarding what should we expect from Patriot regarding firmware updates (non-SDK related).
    Well said - and I think I can safely say you speak for all of us on this matter. This IS the crux of the issue CJ. Sure some wont understand the differences outlined above but such is life. One can only do their part. We expect the PATRIOT name to continue to stand solid and consistent.
    Please make no more promises (pictures mentioned above is just one example) that will not be kept. Better to say nothing ahead of time and announce a finished project without preamble.
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