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Thread: Patriot Viper3 Blue Sapphire with asrock motherboard

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    Default Patriot Viper3 Blue Sapphire with asrock motherboard

    hello,. as i cannot find this ram on supported list for asrock 990fc extreme3 moherobard can you tell me if its compatible with tha motherboard

    here is the ram im planing to buy- Patriot Viper3 Blue Sapphire 1866Mhz,8GB (2x4GB), PV38G186C9KBL
    and this is the motherboard -

    thank you in advance, Ivan

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    Our Viper 3 memory should generally work. However, since the memory is tested on Intel Platforms, the rated performance speeds may not work. You may need to relax the speeds to 1600MHz.
    AMD platforms generally aren’t able to overclock as high. We would recommend manual setup.

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