Hi all,

Maybe this is a silly question....maybe not. Unfortunately I can't search on "4tb" as it is too short a term. So I have been scouring threads looking for an answer. I'm coming close...but haven't got my answer yet.

My Seagate 4TB "Backup Plus" external powered USB 3.0 Drive is not being recognized by my PBO. It originally had pre-loaded software, but I formatted the drive. Here is what I know, or at least what I know that I don't know! :-)

1) First off, I'm not even sure if there is a limitation that does not let the PBO see 4TB drives or not. I used to have a powered 3TB WD drive with no issues. I know the 2tb limitation for internals, but couldn't find limitation for externals.
2) Drive powers up when connected to PBO, but when it is not recognized after a minute or so, the light turns off and it seems to power down
3) Drive was reformatted to NTFS prior to adding any files
4) Drive is 85% full
5) Drive is powered
6) Easus partition manager doesn't show any weird partitions/Virtual drives. Likely because I reformatted. Only folders on 3.64TB partition are "Movies", "System Volume Information", and "$RECYCLE.BIN"
7) Drive is recognized by WDTV no problem

Not sure if I should chalk it up to incompatibility or not, but was hoping someone on here could help.