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Thread: Mix and match hard drives for raid array

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    Default Mix and match hard drives for raid array

    Story short,

    I bought a 4TB Hitachi HDS5C4040ALE6 hard drive just before Hitachi sold its hard drive division to western digital. Now that hard drive is no longer available.

    Can I expand my array by using another brand and model of 4TB hard drive?

    Anything I have to check for? read/write speed, rpm etc...
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    size will be restricted to the smallest HDD and speed limited by the slowest HDD. Mixing and matching works in theory, but in practice sometimes complicates things. I'd recommend making sure you research return policies before dropping any large investments.

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    I have this question sitting out there. I'm getting some odd behavior with my setup. 2 identical WD drives and 1 Seagate drive in a Raid 5 (all have the same specs, 1.5TB, 7200RPM). I'll play a movie off the NAS and it'll intermittently hang/pause before resuming. Maybe once every couple minutes.

    Anyone else have different drives that work?

    I have a 3rd identical WD drive on its way, after I swap it in I'll report back...

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