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Thread: Permission denied, copy menu_PBO to /usr/local/bin/scripts

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    Default Permission denied, copy menu_PBO to /usr/local/bin/scripts

    I putty into the PBO box and login as root. I have menu_PBO.rss on my USB key plugged into the front USB port of the PBO box.

    # ls /tmp/usbmounts shows that my usb key is sda1 .

    I then do the following

    # mount -o remount,rw / (to remount the file system for read write)
    cp tmp/usbmounts/sda1/menu_PBO.rss /usr/local/bin/scripts

    I then get permission denied trying to open /usr/local/bin/scripts

    But I already login as root. Any idea ?

    I even tried using chmod 777 to usr , local, bin , scripts.
    and I still can not copy.

    My firmware level is
    System revision P020BC18-70R2
    Kernel Revision 337222
    Bootup 27 Bootcode 0000.0202.0027

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    Firmware BC18-70R2 uses squashfs filesystem which is read only (mount -o remount,rw) has no effect. If you wish to write to your PBO system files I recommend a firmware that uses the yaffs filesystem which is writable. Look at the semi-official firmware on the PBO wiki (google is your friend) for P70R2 neutral which is the same as BC18-70R2 but uses yaffs filesystem.


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