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  1. I would say the cable is messed up.
  2. Hi! I have the broken Asus HD2 and a USB/Serial Cable connected. I know my connector (rx,tx,gnd) but tried to find the right pins at the box. I used your introduction ... could find the GNX from the box, because I recieved many spaces within seconds. then I tried combinations from my TX+RX with box PINS until I could recieve letters I sent via my TX (trough the box..) .. so I think that 3 PINS must be correct. After reboot I got a correct boot-display with Realtek-prompt... But after every letter I press/send I get of course this letter displayed in hyperterminal, but two new line feeds as well. So I cann't complete any command!

    see copy:
    Realtek> z
    Realtek> r
    Realtek> d
    (I just pressed "ZRD"!)

    What's wrong there? I didn't used the 4th PIN from the box.
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