View Full Version : Torqx 32GB write performance loss - please help!

04-08-2012, 04:21 PM
I bought a couple of 32GB Torqx drives in January, number PT232GS25SSDR. They're hooked to a SATA-1 controller and the write speeds have degraded from ~60MB/S when new down to ~34MB/S on one and ~12MB/S on the other (sequentials as measured with Crystal Disk Mark). The 12MB/S computer in particular has become noticeably more sluggish which is what prompted me to go looking for the reason. Read performance is about the same as when the drives were new.

Anyway, I found this forum today, and saw this sticky thread:


In that thread it directs me to this page for the utility:


But I get an error when I go there:

500 Servlet Exception
javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/layouts/commonLayout.jsp':
Error - Tag Insert : No value found for attribute 'header'.
Resin/4.0.14 Server: 'default'

So I went to the support page on the Patriot site, went to downloads, but the drop down menu to select the model does not list the 32GB Torqx, it starts with the 64GB.

I went ahead and downloaded the performance restore utility for the 64GB Torqx (patriot.exe) and ran it, but it gives an error that Patriot wiper cannot be run on my C: drive.

I saw the note about possibly not supporting pass-thru, went to Microsoft's site and got the hotfix, but on install, it says my service pack is newer than the hotfix and I don't need the hotfix.

HELP! Can someone please tell me how to get my write performance back?

04-08-2012, 04:36 PM
OOPS! Never mind ... I found my mistake ... the drive is a Torqx 2, not a Torqx!. The correct utility is trim.exe ... just ran it ... seemed to run OK but the computers are not restarting. Hmm. May have to restore from the backup. Grrrr. I'm working remotely using a VPN connection.