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07-29-2010, 10:10 PM
Google Traslator

I return to again disappoint with this manufacturer for the lack of desire to support this product that anger personally back to the shop, I can not find the logic of maintaining a product like this on the market without feeling like that users fall in love with the

after much brood and spend hours looking for solutions I find a free software product http://mldonkey.sourceforge.net/Gui to handle my downloads.

As no ... are not included in the product installation CD, as an added value as possible making me use my p2p client on my desktop windows or linux

GUI that allows telnet connections to our team for the 4001 port pudiéndolo used as a powerful management tool for our client one of the MLDonkey GUI would be available from http://sancho.awardspace.com/ and the previous address I just put a comparison that will look the same, and different web sites

the software is not closed is the closed minds

Lords of Patriot, tell me a single manufacturer that has a NAS server that is configurable his client p2p, that it is in the user's desktop, that it can handle with two mouse clicks

are units of the same age as my grandmother, where the web is for the four boys see very modern.

the last time you try to have support from their website I could not, error when accessing the file and that taxes only collect the parcel of languages, then try downloading the other files with the same result, any manufacturer from linksys website to dlink, 3com etc or other product information is supported, with their drivers, PC with their website and say how is the product

freight shipping of this product manufactured from Spain are € 50, if anyone thinks of buying this team that thinks they are 50 € more and think of another brand will save money, time and health

07-29-2010, 11:05 PM
to not know what I mean, the NAS would be in the remote, and we would be seeing from our pc what you see in these photos

linux and windows

links capture HD