View Full Version : Can not use card reader to read/write SDHC

08-01-2009, 07:05 AM
I just bought Patriot Duplicator 8GB recently. I have been using as memory for my camera and it work well. but I could not download the photoes using card reader. Everytime I put the memory card in the reader suddenly all extra drives are gone so there is no way to access the drive.

I'm able to download using camera connect to computer but it's not convenience at all. And my camera's manual said if the number more than 1000 pictures it need to using card reader. So what should I do?

Is that some thing wrong with memory card? I'm also using Kingston/Sandisk SD card and did not have this issue before.

After I post question I just realized that my card reader might not support SDHC. I'll find new card reader then. Thanks for reading :-)