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  1. is there a way to hide video control icons during presentation?
  2. Resolved: MKV playback is jerky
  3. Cant browse PBO on Windows 7 PC
  4. PBO ignores aspect ratio information in MKV and WMV files
  5. OTG mode
  6. Solved: Have to Hard Restart when Turning PBO on.
  7. Issue with MPEG2-TS format
  8. DTS & Ape questions
  9. Resolved: USB 2T Seagate Drive not recognized by PBO
  10. 4-bay hdd case is not recognized
  11. Can't play MP4 files without horrible artifacting.
  12. Can PBO play live MMS videos?
  13. Flashing purple screen?
  14. Files disappearing and other files being duplicated
  15. Copy file from PBO to Flash drive
  16. need some help with firmware
  17. Windows Media Center
  18. No EDIT function on RSS menu.
  19. Subtitles not Working
  20. Fan stopped working
  21. Blackscreen and red lines
  22. Solved: bricked pbo? can't access monitor mode - kernel panic
  23. New remote not working at all
  24. MKV's that won't stop fast forward and reversing
  25. DirecTV Remote
  26. Ripped mkv not Working
  27. Issue with samsung UN40D6300
  28. PBO Core as external drive??
  29. FatalError and Media is removed on play back. Play back issues.
  30. Autostart Nfs
  31. PBO Core doesn't hear remote ISSUE
  32. pbo dead
  33. PBO Core MAC Address
  34. Fast Forward Runaway
  35. MKV No Video, but Audio Plays
  36. Turn off or standby automatically when power is connected
  37. PBO menu flashes black
  38. Cant copy files to patriot box over network
  39. Need help
  40. Internal hard drive not recognized when PBO connected to computer USB port
  41. Patriot Black PBO Core Box what firmware do I get ?
  42. Hi guys, I have some questions..
  43. net user id and password
  44. PBO internal hard drive missing all files in my movie folder
  45. PAL and NTSC failure
  46. PBO softwareny help is appreciated in advance, many thanks
  47. Internal HDD visible but not writeable by PBO, Windows or Mac
  48. playing 3d movies
  49. New BoxOffice won't play audio over component
  50. Plays only a 30 second preview of an mp3 then retuens to menu
  51. Slow and choppy video when playing from NAS
  52. PBO won't copy from any USB device to internal hard drive
  53. Wired Connectivity
  54. Usb audio output option?
  55. PBO not reading my Toshiba external HD
  56. pbo reboots after selecting upnp
  57. My PBO is bricked
  58. how to watch CBS' 60 minutes?
  59. I am thrilled with PBO by watching live Chinese TV channels
  60. Help with Playing DTS audio
  61. Firmware Upgrade Failed & nothing works now - Please help
  62. 3D support
  63. Upon startup have a scrolling logo screen - is this normal?
  64. select file
  65. files randomly become invalid and unplayable
  66. Handbrake mkv files
  67. Blank Screen
  68. play multiple file from "start position" to "end position" ?
  69. PBO Question regarding Storage
  70. Video has a small bounce to it
  71. Music Video Shuffle
  72. Any way to get around the MKV bug? Other software for PBO, etc??
  73. Composite works, HDMI doesn't
  74. User Interface
  75. dts master audio
  76. PBO won't recognise track number id3 tags
  77. P70R2 Firmware
  78. LAN/ACC red light
  79. Boot code change log?
  80. Blank Screen on Panny HDTV
  81. PBO Firmware That is stable
  82. What is brand/model of AC adapter for PBO?
  83. Any more firmware upgrades?
  84. 1073DD+ Chip
  85. Delete My_Shortcuts
  86. Noisy Fan
  87. loop play with PATRIOT Media Player possible
  88. Patriot and Mac OS Lion
  89. PBO BC 16 do not work with HDMI after flashing with ES-51-283G-PCMPBO25-P61
  90. Coolech HDD Media Player Model Magic-Pro with RTD1073 Chipset
  91. Quick Noob Question: ANy Patriot media player box that can play FLV files?
  92. How do I tell which firmware to install?
  93. Frequent blurring of video problem
  94. No HDMI sound after Firmware update, Any Ideas?
  95. Crackling interference-like noise when video goes quiet
  96. Lost Remote
  97. How can I tell which boot load I have on my Box office?
  98. Bricked PBO, suggestions have not worked so far...
  99. FW Information required so I do not Brick my PBO
  100. Internet radio stations
  101. Vlc
  102. Internet Radio Support
  103. Can't delete folders
  104. Copying from USB HD to intern HDD --> waay slow
  105. Subtitle issue with dvd iso files
  106. can't play some mkv format
  107. Problems with P61 firmware upgrade
  108. Playback issue - TV is blinking
  109. Play Box Office and USB Blu-Ray Player
  110. Problem with Fast Forwarding
  111. Chapter Lag
  112. PBO internal hard drive
  113. navigating between photos & how to view movie subtitles
  114. Problem with greek subtitles accent
  115. failure to boot
  116. USB External hard drive not being recognized
  117. 4-bay-hdd enclosure gets interrupted from time to time (no free space?)
  118. Unable to logon
  119. File Copy problem between USB stick & internal hard drive - "not enough space"
  120. Do I need to modify the PBO's MTU Setting?
  121. Need help with PBO problem
  122. who can help who has the answers PLEEEAASE HELP
  123. Firmware P70R2 for Bootcode 16
  124. Freeze then the Next Title
  125. Slideshow freezing
  126. Can't connect to pc - "unknown device"
  127. Alternative firmware?
  128. Patriot Box need help after upgrade system error
  129. Cannot play xvid avi's properly
  130. Firmware Update Help Requested
  131. Older PBO Bootcode firmware Update Question (Pre Core)
  132. Media Freezes in Playback
  133. Where can I buy a replacement fan
  134. PBO - composite audio and HDMI video at the same time?
  135. Audio settings - bass/ treble etc...?
  136. Problem playing FLAC Audio Files
  137. Multiple issues - sound - color
  138. Connecting Mac to pbo core
  139. playlists YouTube iPlayer iMediashare
  140. Media player won't detect my external HDD
  141. Gapless audio playback of files possible?
  142. Remote doesn't work
  143. Playing wtv files
  144. PCUSBW1150 Wireless N LAN USB Adapter Compatible?
  145. Full screen avi
  146. Artwork support for DVDs in PBO Core?
  147. fast forwarding and resume prolbem with mkv's
  148. Playing.mkv files
  149. Computer locks up when streaming from PBO
  150. No Sound from My stock PBO Core
  151. Cannot delete file/folder on pbo internal 1tb drive
  152. How to update PBO Firm Ware
  153. No video after uppdated firmware to version P06 or higher
  154. Media Player Helper
  155. USB Plug Out
  156. Box returning to menu after playing a file
  157. PBO box dead after I installed a SATA internal hard disk
  158. PBO as NAS/FTP in Network via Crossover/direct connection to the PC (without router)
  159. MKV - Compression header
  160. PBO Remote problem
  161. Can't copy from PC to Box Office HD over network after changing firmware
  162. Unable to use UPNP goes right back to Browser menu
  163. Any way to reset the unit
  164. Hard Drive wants to format when unit starts
  165. Got PBO with playon firmware, trying to revert to Official
  166. 3TB External HDD - will PBO Core recognize if partitioned?
  167. Question on remote for patriot box office player
  168. PBO freezes
  169. wrong ip address
  170. Help with firmware
  171. new firmware and horizontal hold problems
  172. Stuttering
  173. HDMI will not work with New LG 47LM6700
  174. Sharing external USB drive
  175. PBO Black and White color...help
  176. what bootcode do I have?
  177. codes to program a new remote?
  178. Upgrade of s/w causes loud farting noise
  179. H-SBS content with subtitles
  180. Issue playing 2nd and 3rd audio track in multi track MKV
  181. Upgrade
  182. Bit Torrent w/ magnet link?
  183. PBO Core Media Player dont recognize USB 3.0 flash drive
  184. DVD Menus
  185. Problem with MKV file
  186. Any good reason to move to Alpine ?
  187. 3d
  188. MP4 Files not working...
  189. Usb Disconnecting at random times.
  190. Audio question DTS to PCM with Dell U2711
  191. PBO won't recognize new hard drive
  192. PBO Core Media Player Won't Boot Up
  193. PBO freezing up
  194. Hello!!!!!!
  195. PBO Core issues
  196. You Tube Clipconverter not playing on Patriot core
  197. PS3 does not recognise my PBO?
  198. Hard Drive for Core
  199. PBO Core no longer available anywhere -- discontinued??
  200. PBO not recognized mkv
  201. windows 8 help
  202. 4TB Internal Hard Drive Help
  203. Updated pbo + formated 2.5 sata ssd, after wich i cannot connect it to the tv
  204. PBO not seeing 4TB External Powered USB Drive
  206. High-pitched noise on PBO
  207. Mp4 issues shows an audio icon (headphone icon)
  208. Cannot play video on mkv file
  209. Airlink 101 WiFi connection fail
  210. Trying to figure out why PBO turns (green) on when surge protector strip does
  211. arabic sub
  212. Help upgrade to the latest firmware from BC18-61 Bootcode 26
  213. Please recommend an External Drive that will work
  214. Remote control has broken. Please help!
  215. Patriot PBO Media Player
  216. PBO Core Media Player won't recognize 1TB external HD (USB powered, NTFS)
  217. Help on firmware installation
  218. PBO Freezes with White Screen when viewing pics
  219. PBO Core and folder.jpg
  220. Remote bricked
  221. Telnet to control media player?
  222. Mark Movies Watched
  223. Accessing DVR camera system
  224. after start up screen goes black
  225. PBO requires setup everytime I switch it on
  226. PBO core dont see USB 3, HELP please
  227. Core turning on but no picture...?
  228. Remote DOES work, but PBO won't acknowledge it in any way
  229. PBO power light on, but HDD / LAN flashing. No video signal
  230. CPU heatsink sliding off and cooking PBO!!
  231. Stream content from HTTP server
  232. Compatible PBO SATA versions?
  233. Can I still buy PBO player ?
  234. HELP- I think I bricked my PBO!!
  235. PBO won't connect to TV, HDD/LAN LED blinking !!!!
  236. UPnP - add to favorites?
  237. help - firmware upgrade
  238. play 3D videos?
  239. How to add podcast URL??
  240. help with wifi usb part selection
  241. Repeat functions
  242. Horizontal lines on Screen with PBO
  243. PBO Corde + 3TB HDD interimittent and highly frustrating!!
  244. PBO scrolling then black screen?
  245. watch YouTube ?
  246. Patriot Core moving movies
  247. PBO-Core firmware update, MKV x265 movies