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  1. I lost the remote
  2. What is the largest INTERNAL harddrive the PBO support?
  3. Data files from DVD...Bad Disk
  4. Subtitles
  5. P61, crashes frequently
  6. Box Office Media Player - Netflix.ca Support?
  7. Patriot Box Office fails to recognize external 2tb hard drive?
  8. Subtitle Switch
  9. How to safely remove a usb drive in the PBO Core
  10. Trouble with .mp4 files? Green pixelated videos and stutters
  11. Best way to connect to my Ethernet Cable?
  12. MOV video conversion
  13. How to play video/music directly with the song number using the remote
  14. Few Questions
  15. the PBO internal HDD ..
  16. USB Connection to Computer?
  17. Picture Freez
  18. Remote control conflict
  19. How do you add my shortcuts in FW 61R2
  20. PBO boots but no usable video output
  21. Are any Linux changes possible with 61R2?
  22. Firmware update without TV
  23. Embedded subs in avi files don't display
  24. PSU spec?
  25. forget the password to BT Download Management
  26. Sleep Timer?
  27. What to do with LOUD fan noise?
  28. Accessing PBO HD from other PCs
  29. PBO stuck at "BOX OFFICE" screen
  30. 720p MKV invalid file
  31. USB cable and network access
  32. http://racefanstv.com/
  33. incompatible HDMI signal
  34. PBO browser questions
  35. How to add children online TV ?
  36. Box Office Not Working, HELP.
  37. I think I made a mess of my encoding
  38. wmv movie - no sound
  39. Switch back
  40. Satic when playing DTS file?
  41. Pixellated Images over UPnP
  42. NZB newsgroup download client on PBO
  43. USB plug-in event detected
  44. Lost movies...
  45. Help !!!
  46. Make writing on screen bigger?
  47. Play *.img Files with PBO
  48. BOX Office Media Player is getting Struck.
  49. Help with MKV
  50. PBO + Western Digital HD stall?
  51. Question about BootCode
  52. Flickering Screen during File Transfer
  53. Screwed up with new Firmware... ug. Need help.
  54. internal hdd content got wiped after rebooting
  55. How to hard reset the PBO?
  56. Box Office Media Player and Lutron light control remote.
  57. Does my PBO have newest P61?
  58. Very newbie question, is there any online tv in PBO?
  59. Media player won't recognize HD
  60. What is mms?
  61. IFO files.
  62. Broken up Playback
  63. Playback Volume
  64. telnet login
  65. Adding HDPFans to PBO
  66. Core Firmware
  67. MKV max File Size
  68. Please Add 3D HALF SBS subtitles support
  69. Question on Subtitles
  70. Doesn't work with WHS share
  71. Cable Remote & PBO
  72. Any Reason to Update Bootcode?
  73. Stretch feature
  74. Creating a playlist composed of URLs?
  75. MP4 files are recognized as audio files
  76. Can grooveshark be used with PBO
  77. Can you change "CM skip" lenght
  78. Question about the UI...
  79. White pixel dots in video
  80. External 2TB not detected...
  81. Just set up my PBO, couple of questions...
  82. Arriving Tomorrow
  83. Box Office media player, gapless audio?
  84. Subtitle out of position
  85. Cant Format HDD
  86. Screensaver question
  87. How add new URL?
  88. Unicode files names problem
  89. What firmware do i have ?
  90. Blu Ray ISO
  91. Can Delicious/RSS be used on the PBO?
  92. Firmware Confusion
  93. FLV - Youtube videos
  94. concatenated line with \n (back-slash n) in subtitle
  95. No hdmi signal on Sony Bravia W4000
  96. HDD directories
  97. Boot code 16 to 18 possible?
  98. MKV no video
  99. External HDD connect causes reboot loop...
  100. Is there any way to limit the min size of youtube returned?
  101. images in RSS
  102. Slow USB/HDD transfer speeds
  103. Found some video playback bugs
  104. PC does not recognize Internal Hard Drive.
  105. PBO keeps rebooting by clicking some of IMS links
  106. Audio - adjust sync during playback?
  107. Bootcode or Firmware
  108. Music files load slow
  109. B18-61R3 - Beta: Discussion and Bug Reports
  110. video files missing from PBO menus but visible via PC?
  111. PBO core switches on and off with a light tap
  112. Telnet
  113. mkv playback no longer supported
  114. Need a manual to set "picture folder"
  115. czech diacritic srt support
  116. Bootcode version?
  117. Setting Shortcuts on Shared Drive
  118. Help with Subtitles
  119. Confused WRT Firmware
  120. USB II Host Port
  121. boot code versions question
  122. Resume Feature Only For Last File Played?
  123. How to prevent PBO from playing next file automatically
  124. can't configure wireless connection
  125. Bad picture through composite
  126. Zoom feature
  127. Entering a new RSS Feed in IMS?
  128. New PBO stuck after LOGO
  129. New PBO owner HD audio question
  130. Access external HD connected to PBO from my laptop
  131. Problems playing a sound track of an MKV file
  132. 4:3 MPEG media are stretched to widescreen
  133. How to check internal HDD
  134. No Windows exFAT support?
  135. Rss Help
  136. Which firnware/bootcode verison I can upgrade???
  137. cannot play .flv
  138. Some minor issues with playback
  139. Stretch aspec ratio for movies, can't get Full screen
  140. Can not play MKV file size 17Gb
  141. Subtitle Problem
  142. PBO Video Shuffle
  143. Some Newbie Questions
  144. Supported Audio Format
  145. updated the wrong firmware
  146. Audio output question
  147. External USB DVD?
  148. IMS URL added but not working
  149. Hulu, YouTube through RSS feed on PBO
  150. HDMI HDP Detected? Sporadic picture over HDMI
  151. MKV stuttering in 1080p movie
  152. Audio stuttering
  153. Patriot Jalopy?
  154. Can't delete folders from PBO HDD
  155. PBO HDMI Audio Issues with Sony HT-SS370, video works but no audio
  156. Screen Flicker and Goes Blank for couple of seconds
  157. Box Office is not responsding after Firmware upgrade-Help
  158. Problems with internal hard drive.
  159. PBO only see 4094 folders/files
  160. firmware
  161. iPhone remote app works!
  162. Newbie: need help
  163. Which firnware/bootcode verison in my PBO
  164. am i bricked
  165. BT save file / auto download
  166. Subtitles playing ISO over network keep resetting
  167. Always Leave On?
  168. Problem with subtitles from .TS file
  169. USB2 problem
  170. 2 rebates at same time?
  171. Experiences with "1080p/24 Hz"?
  172. PBO Issues Please read
  173. 3 months old, noise fan
  174. Optical output
  175. SOLVED: Sony "unsupported signal" error
  176. HDMI Audio Problem - Pop and Crackle
  177. Two small issues after PBO firmware upgrade
  178. GUI/Menu Font Size
  179. Problem with new player.
  180. problem with my usb2
  181. P61-R2 and R3 retracted
  182. divx subtitles
  183. Bit rate of Blu ray
  184. Read SMART data from internal HDD
  185. Audio/Video Delay in video file
  186. Mount USB Read-only
  187. Is my PBO working properly?
  188. Netfix - Patriot Box Office
  189. BT download troubles
  190. Strange formatting via the menu option
  191. PBO remote battery issues
  192. 2 Patriot Boxes Same Network
  193. problem playing .mkv
  194. Auto mount ext3/4
  195. Blu ray copy playback-Stutters
  196. PBO - motion blur
  197. Sounds like my PBO Core isn't grounded
  198. DTS question
  199. Deleted <Add URL> menu option!
  200. Internet radio
  201. Why can I only get PCM?
  202. Remote control movie scrolling
  203. Native resolution
  204. Browsing media is VERY slow
  205. using IMS
  206. Boot Code Functions and Differences
  207. Audio drops for 1-2 seconds
  208. multiple Drive letters
  209. Splash screen flashes on/off never any further
  210. Web interface
  211. Can I use my PBO as a 2.5' USB hdd enclosure?
  212. PBO does not recognize WD Passport Elite
  213. How do I know if I need to upgrade my PBO firmare?
  214. SOLVED: need Help sound is perfect but no picture
  215. Thermaltake Blacx USB Hard Drive Docking problem
  216. "Invalid File" via direct USB playback on PBO
  217. blueray menus
  218. 1080p 24 hz
  219. AC3 -6 channel over RCA sounds bad
  220. SOLVED: Unable to downgrade to Firmware version 02
  221. AVI file wont play on Patriot
  222. can menu be simplified?
  223. f4v file
  224. Had the PBO for years and just wondering if I should update it
  225. Anybody else getting distorted center channel in 5.1 audio?
  226. Freezing during playback
  227. Noisy Fan
  228. HDD not recognized & PBO Core screen flashes repeatedly
  229. external usb drive format
  230. MY PBO resets to 480p
  231. TS file unable to play
  232. playlist will not play names with international characters
  233. Codec issues, green boxes delayed and stalled video
  234. Ustream?
  235. Humming noise. Not grounded?
  236. Won't Play MPG with Dolby_AC3 Audio ..
  237. "Open Host Web Error"
  238. SOLVED: Hitachi Deskstar 2tb USB not recognized
  239. PBO -Search for media
  240. firmware 70r1 help
  241. BC18-70R1 - Beta: Discussion and Bug Reports
  242. PBO boot issues
  243. Weather City Selections - Where's Canada
  244. RSS play next item ?
  245. PBO firmware upgrade issue/help
  246. can't copy from net to HD in the unit
  247. adding rss
  248. Album art for Movies/ISO
  249. playing fille in a row that are in directories
  250. Turn off folder play? Newbie questions