Warranty Changes on Patriot Memory USB Flash Drives

Effective January 31, 2011, Patriot Memory will be adjusting the warranty period from 5-years to 2-years and from lifetime to 5-years on selected USB flash drives. Patriot Memory believes that the new warranty period better reflects current industry standards. Patriot Memory's AES security enabled Bolt USB flash drive has a 5-year warranty period will not be affected by this change.

USB flash drives affected by this change include:
- Supersonic
- Xporter Rage
- Xporter Magnum
- Xporter Boost
- Xporter Dash
- Xporter mini
- Xporter

Drives purchased prior to January 31, 2011 will still carry lifetime or 5-year warranties.

"Our product quality remains excellent and Patriot Memory is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable storage solutions available anywhere. Research has shown that Patriot Memory receives a small percentage of returns within the first two years of shipment. Going to a shorter period will not affect our overall excellent support. Patriot Memory has stood behind it's products for over 25 years and will continue to be a leader in service."

USB Flash Drive Warranty Change FAQs

Q. When does this change go into effect?
A. January 31, 2011

Q. What about products purchased before Jan. 31, 2011?
Will Patriot Memory still honor the warranty offered at time of time of original purchase?
A. Yes, any Patriot Memory customers who purchase(d) products prior to Jan. 31, 2011 will be covered by the warranty in place at the time of purchase.

Q. Why is this change being made now?
A. We have identified the opportunity to offer our customers warranty terms that we believe are in line with industry standard warranty offerings, and that better align to the requirements of our partners and customers.

Q. Isn't this a step backward in terms of demonstrating your confidence in the quality of your products?
A. Absolutely not, Patriot Memory maintains the highest level of product quality and support for our customers. The new warranty terms allow us to better support our customers as the product inventory goes into end of life (EOL). By keeping our portfolio offerings up to date, you can count on our latest performance and quality.

Q. What will happen to the inventory authorized distributors currently have?
A. On-hand inventory of Patriot Memory customers will maintain the warranty in place at the time of original purchase. The 5-year and 2-year warranty will apply to products shipped starting Jan 31, 2011.