PCN - microSD and microSDHC 3-in-1 products miniSD adapters removed

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, announced their microSD and microSDHC 3-in-1 flash cards will no longer include a miniSD adapter. They will continue to include the full size SD adapter. This change will take effect immediately.

Patriot parts affected

PSF16GMCSDHC23P - Patriot 16GB microSD Class 2, 3-in-1
PSF16GMCSDHC43P - Patriot 16GB microSD Class 4, 3-in-1
PSF8GMCSDHC43P - Patriot 8GB microSD Class 4, 3-in-1
PSF4GMCSDHC63P - Patriot 4GB microSD Class 6, 3-in-1
PSF4GMCSDHC43P - Patriot 4GB microSD Class 4, 3-in-1
PSF2GMCSD3P - Patriot 2GB microSD, 3-in-1

No other specifications have been changed on the above products.


Patriot Memory